The unique and proprietary HTI immunogen sequence was designed by AELIX Therapeutics’ founders and is being delivered to the body by multiple viral and non-viral vectors. GMP-grade clinical trial supplies have been manufactured. AELIX-002, the first clinical trial run by the company, started in September 2017. It is a phase-I randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity study of the HTI vaccine in early diagnosed, early treated HIV-infected individuals. It evaluates a therapeutic, heterologous prime-boost vaccination regimen using DNA plasmids and an MVA (Modified-Virus-Ankara) vector in the prime phase and a Chimpanzee-Adenovirus (ChAd) and MVA vectors in the booster phase. In a first phase, 15 HIV-infected individuals were included in the trial. Starting in June 2018, 30 additional participants were added to the study, which is still ongoing. After vaccination, the participants are subjected to an analytical anti-retroviral treatment interruption (ATI) to assess their capacity to control viral replication in the absence of anti-retroviral medication. Data from this trial is expected in March 2021.